Possible Indicators of Technology Addiction

Dr. Gregg Jantz, an accomplished writer and speaker, has helped many people through his oversight of The Center – A Place of HOPE (also known as Center for Counseling and Health Resources). Among Dr. Gregg Jantz’s areas of expertise are different types of dependencies, including technology addiction, which is particularly common among boys.

Too much time using technology, such as playing video games or watching television, can lead to a number of problems in children, including difficulty focusing and engaging in higher-level thinking. Boys often have particular problems in these areas, and excessive use of technology can interfere with normal development. In fact, parents should watch for certain signs that indicate an unhealthy relationship with technology.

For instance, a boy with a technology addition might prefer to use technology rather than socialize with others in real life. He also might prefer using technology devices over engaging in more active pursuits, such as playing outside. Interaction with friends might center around such activities as watching television or playing video games together. Other signs of concern include not wanting to be kept away from technology for too long, as well as irritability and difficulty focusing, particular after extended amounts of time in front of a screen. If parents notice these signs, taking significant steps to limit screen time is a good idea.