Books about Technology Dependency and Personal Growth

Bestselling author Dr. Gregg Jantz, founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE, has published 30 books on topics ranging from raising children to establishing healthy and happy expectations. The following are a few popular titles by Dr. Gregg Jantz.

1. Raising Boys by Design addresses the impact of technology on children. Published through WaterBrook Press in 2013, the 240-page book evaluates relationships with technology and how disorders like disconnect anxiety can stem from unhealthy reliance on the Internet and wireless tools. Readers will also receive recommendations – derived from both the Bible and science – to integrate in their parenting methods and encourage growth in their sons.

2. Gotta Have It! was released in 2010. The 272-page volume highlights people’s compulsive hunger for wanting more that overshadows the importance of necessities. Guiding readers back to fulfilling true needs, Gotta Have It! teaches steps for obtaining freedom through self-reflection.

3. A 256-page book published through Siloam in 2012, Hooked discusses how the Internet, social media tools, and gadgets sidetrack society. The book leverages relatable real-life examples to reinforce biblical applications that can help individuals avoid dependency on technological outlets.

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ACA Launches School Counselor Connection with Reach Higher Initiative

For over 25 years, Dr. Gregg Jantz has worked with patients at The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, also known as A Place of Hope. An established figure in the mental health and chemical dependency field, Dr. Gregg Jantz holds membership in professional organizations such as the American Counseling Association (ACA).

The ACA has worked to advance the quality of counseling services across all settings, and recently it announced a renewed commitment to supporting high school counselors as part of Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative. The Reach Higher Initiative is an ongoing effort to inspire children to pursue further educational opportunities beyond high school, and the American Counseling Association recognizes that school counselors are an integral part of this process. Counselors often serve as the first point of contact between high school youth and continuing education programs, whether they are vocational programs, community colleges, or four-year universities.

To that end, the ACA recently launched School Counselor Connection, a clearinghouse designed to support high school counselors nationwide. In addition to providing professional development modules, the site provides several career counseling tools to help students and families navigate the sometimes overwhelming catalog of colleges and the financial aid process. All resources are available for free on the ACA website at