The Center – A Place of HOPE Cares for Chemical Dependent Individuals

Founder of The Center – A Place of HOPE, formerly The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, Inc., Dr. Gregg Jantz treats patients with psychiatric issues and addictions. A best-selling author, Dr. Gregg Jantz ensures that the licensed facility offers quality care to those suffering from depression, chemical dependency, and eating disorders.

Located in Edmonds, Washington, The Center – A Place of HOPE creates treatment plans for both alcohol and chemical dependent individuals. Supported by a team of licensed and board-certified professionals, the facility aims to care for patients as whole persons and bring balance to their lives. The Center helps patients regain courage, self-respect, and peace.

When enrolling into the company’s certified chemical dependency program, a patient undergoes a comprehensive evaluation process, which includes psychological testing and medical assessments. The medical assessment is vital for understanding a patient’s current prescriptions and determining their effectiveness. If necessary, new medications may be recommended in place of the existing ones for better care. The staff also coordinates meal plans, with an emphasis on organic foods. They utilize the expertise of a registered dietician and provide all patients with reference materials to help them succeed in maintaining a healthy lifestyle beyond their time at The Center.